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Benefits of indoor rowing

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Benefits of indoor rowing

Rowing machine, Treadmill, Cross Trainer, Spinning Bike, recumbent bike? This is a question as a retailer based Ireland, I get on a daily basis. And to be frank there is no right or wrong answer, it’s simply down to preference. 


This particular article will be focussed on the first of the list: the Rowing Machine. We’re going to be exploring the many benefits of using a commercial or domestic rowing machine. 


Firstly, it’s important to point out that there is not a whole lot of difference between a rowing machine you would find in a commercial gym or one you can buy from a reputable fitness equipment retailer. Very basically, a commercial rower is designed to take more usage for a longer period of time (up to 16hrs per day). Whereas a home use rower is designed for individuals who enjoy exercising leisurely in the comfort of their own home. (I myself prefer the latter option, headphones in and row till the sweat drips from my brow)!  


Rowing has been proven to be one of the most effective cardiovascular exercises one can do, not only that but it’s been proven that up to 300 calories can be burned in as little as 30 minutes. Source:


One of the major benefits of using a rowing machine over perhaps a treadmill is the fact that there is very low impact on the knees & hips. This is often a deciding factor for people when deciding to purchase a piece of home fitness equipment. 


Using the rowing machine correctly is also very important to avoid any injuries. The first thing is to ensure your feet are properly secured to the foot pedals, using the straps to tighten enough so there is no lateral movement. Arms must then be fully extended and grip the handle. Rather than pulling the handling back in a static position, it’s more effective to use your legs and push your body whole simultaneously retracting your arms as you do so. The motion must feel natural and not ‘jerky’. Eventually after one of two motions you’ll feel like you’re developing a rhythm. An important tip based on experience is to make sure your arms are fully extended and slightly lean forward on the return motion, and when at full extension do not ‘lock out’ your legs. 


Rowing is considered a ‘whole body workout’ when in fact technically it’s much more beneficial to the lower body, glutes and hamstrings. But, perhaps more important to most people is the added cardio benefit. I personally row fairly often, and I can say with some confidence that’s it’s far from easy in both respects. 


One final thing to keep in mind for all gym equipment, is that it’s kept properly maintained by professional service, maintenance and repair engineers. A well maintained price or equipment will not just enhances users experience, but ensure their safety when doing so.


To draw conclusion, when choosing Equipment for either your commercial Gym or your garage at home, a rowing machine will certainly be a good addition, for the serious or the leisurely user. 


Written by Ryan Harkin


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