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Refurbished Spinning Bikes

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Refurbished Spinning Bikes

Olympus Fitness can expertly remanufacture and refurbish all spinning bikes, star Trac NXT, Star Trac Pro, Keiser, Tomahawk and many more. Plus it's not just bikes, we do anything you see in a gym.

So how do we get you a near perfect refurbished spin bikes?

Hard work. No shortcuts and some skill! Many people will know the experience of buying a "refurbished" gym product from certain retailers yet when they get the product they have just bought a cleaned up used bike. You didn't work all those hours to pay for something of a low standard. Send it back immediately and demand a refund as this is fraud.

Olympus Fitness put the dedicated hours and passion into each bike and product that is refurbished. We have a flawless reputation in the industry and we will be keeping it that way and our refurbished spin bikes are a testament of that.

We spend a long time taking the bike apart, sanding with multiple grades of paper, wire brush for the more stubborn pieces, then we wash the bike in a solution to deionised the bike and prevent static from attracting dust to the frame, we then spray a coat or two of Primer and a a further few coats of metallic paint.

We have the stickers made to order and we order in the parts from Europe.

Providing service of this standard ensures we have little or no complaints.

However if you do have a complaint we are happy to refund you the full amount.

This is the standard you should expect from every bike in this class. We will provide you with photos and videos of your machine being Remanufactured if you choose this process.

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