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What is the best cardio for fat loss? This blog will address the different forms of cardio for weight loss and fat loss, and I will give my own opinion on what would benefit most. So basically there are different forms of cardio you have slow state cardio (low intensity for a duration of time usually between 30-60minutes then you have H.I.I.T (High intensity interval training this where you work out for as hard as you can for periods of 30 seconds of work then 30-60 second rest for rounds usually taken around 16-20 minutes. So the question at hand...

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Olympus Fitness can expertly remanufacture and refurbish all spinning bikes, star Trac NXT, Star Trac Pro, Keiser, Tomahawk and many more. Plus it's not just bikes, we do anything you see in a gym. So how do we get you a near perfect refurbished spin bikes?Hard work. No shortcuts and some skill! Many people will know the experience of buying a "refurbished" gym product from certain retailers yet when they get the product they have just bought a cleaned up used bike. You didn't work all those hours to pay for something of a low standard. Send it back immediately...

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Frequency in fitness and gym training is a hit and miss topic that is only really discussed by a select few of people who are in the genuine know of how to train properly meaning that unless you go out and actually do your own homework you could be causing detrimental effects to your training... In times past and even more so frequent times there has been a one true constant in the fitness industry and for most every day gym goer or the truly dedicated trainer, and that is following what the magazines say, we are all guilty of...

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To ensure an indoor cycle operates at its best, is to keep to a regular maintenance program, regardless of how often you use the bike, we suggest a full service every 6 months from our trained professionals at Olympus Fitness. We can arrange service with a short turnaround time to anywhere in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Keep an eye for any small problem, as these quickly escalate to large problems. Once you feel the bike behaving different than usual, then it is time to book a service. It is much more cost effective to book a full service than each time...

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