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Bars and Cable Attachments Ireland

We have a huge choice of Olympic bars and cable attachments to suit any type of free weights or gym cable machine here at Olympus Fitness.  Offering heavy-duty functionality thanks to a solid construction, you can work out with confidence with the perfect weight lifting bar and enjoy the ultimate grip, no matter how sweaty your hands become.  With curled or straight bar cable attachments available, many of which have Olympic-sized machined-sleeved bar ends, we can accommodate all your individual requirements to help you achieve your personal workout goals.     

From safety squat bars with thick and durable padding to trap bars for dead lifts and shrugs, we have some the most robust items of equipment to get the most from your lifts. You can build muscle and create the definition you crave with a weight bar workout.

For anyone that is serious about weight training, we have the ultimate gym kit here at Olympus Fitness, selling top-quality products at simply amazing prices.

Find out more about them here. We supply bars and cable attachments in Northern Ireland, Ireland and throughout the UK, contact us for more details or call (0044) 2871 350 906.