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Keiser Air350 Upper Back

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The Air350 Biaxial Upper Back incorporates a unique design with unilateral/bilateral movement. Designed for superior isolation of the upper back, this machine features an adjustable chest cushion, which helps stabilize the exercise posture while concentrating on the 'elbow out' position, to ensure high upper back engagement through the full range of motion. The unique unilateral option promotes symmetry by assuring that the stronger side does not compensate for the weaker side. SPECIFICATIONS Height 62" / 1575 mm Width 48" / 1219 mm Length 51" / 1295 mm Weight 210 lbs / 95 kg Resistance Range 0 - 350 lbs / 0 - 159 kg FEATURES Unique Axis of Rotation Allows Greater Range of Motion in Natural Planes of Movement Smooth Pneumatic Resistance Fully Adjustable to Accommodate a Wide Range of Users Durable Construction Engineered for Years of Use Large Digital Display with Resistance and Counted Repetitions