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Gym Accessories

Being able to offer your gym members something they can’t find elsewhere will make you a far more attractive prospect for people looking to either join a gym for the first time, or people changing their gym. Here at Olympus Fitness, we offer a wide range of accessories, including vibration plates, balance trainers, Pilates rings and power bags. Giving your gym members a wide range of choices means they can tailor their workouts to see the results they want.

Here at Olympus Fitness, we not only supply a wide range of gym accessories to commercial gyms, we work closely with community centres, fitness studios, school gyms and private individuals looking to add to their home gym. If you’re not sure which accessories will work best for you and your gym, here to provide all the expert information you need.

Our gym accessories are supplied to gyms throughout Northern Ireland, Ireland and the UK. To find out more about what we can offer you, call us today on (0044) 2871 350 906 or send us a message online.