Evolution Assisted Chin Dip

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Full commercial pin loaded Evolution assisted Chin Dip.

Weight stack 95kg (125kg optional)

Informative Panel -  Easily legible from the working position.
Includes instructions of use with indicative diagram and muscles involved in the exercise.
Transmission -  Steel cable (6 mm thick) PVC covered of 900 kg of Looser resistance®.
Guides- Solid steel and double hardened chrome.
Frame - High resistant Steel tube (4 mm thick) laser cut for more
precision and welded by robotized process.
Padding - High density Leather simile, perspiration resistant , anti bacterial and antiallergenic with double padding in models with intensive use surfaces.
Painting Process - 3 coating layers. Steel cleaned by pressured water and steel balls of 10 microns. Cleaned also with pressured air.
Final cleaned with abrasive paper for total purifying and to avoid any dust. Anti-Rust primer to guarantee
longer painting life. Two final layers of Epoxy painting of pure polyester dust, dried at 240ºC
Designing process - Ergonomic and biomechanical study under our associated professionals supervision, tested by professional athletes.
After a long design process, from the drawing of the sketch, engineering research, prototypes making, test bench by professional athletes along the year our new line of products come onto the market.
Covers - High resistant and translucent ABS of 3,5 mm thick.
Machine covers in both sides, according to EU regulations,  avoiding possible damages caused by the contact with the plates.
Accesories - Objects portable rack on both sides, made in high resistant ABS of 3,5 mm thick.
Handles - Antiallergenic and nonslip neoprene with solid aluminium finishing.
Paddle and supports - High density ergonomic foam (EVA) 5,8 mm thick with manual mechanism with bolt. Numbered positions laser engraved.
Platforms - Nonslip cover materials 3M, to ensure a safe contact,
Weight Selector - Magnetized with ergonomic rotor and safety cable.
Counterweight -Perfect biomechanical.
Stroke limiter - Different positions with angle and numbering indicator.
Mobile pieces - ST52 Steel calibrated bevelled and mechanized.
Weight numbering 3 different colours depending on the level.
Pulleys - Nylon with internal bearing. Silent working.
Aid lever - Balanced, releasing the initial excess of weight.
Stabilizers 4 height levels to facilitate stability.