Keiser Air300 Leg Curl

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Completely redesigned to weigh 40 pounds (18 kg) less than its predecessor, our Pro leg curl features lighter moving components that allow for training at even faster speeds – as well as slow eccentric loading of the hamstrings. Offering unilateral or bilateral leg training, a wide resistance range and improvements that include a computer display in line with the user’s sight, ergonomically positioned thumb buttons and a contoured chest pad for added comfort make it the leg curl of choice for athletes and people in rehab. SPECIFICATIONS Height 26” / 660 mm Width 46” / 610 mm Length 72” / 1829 mm Weight 113 lbs / 51 kg Resistance Range 10 – 226 lbs / 5 – 103 kg FEATURES Industry’s best leg curl machine for eccentric loading Offers unilateral or bilateral leg training Wide range of resistance for intense functional workouts Smooth pneumatic resistance Large digital display shows resistance and reps