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Olympus Fitness Hades Power Bar - Cerakote

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Hades Power Bar - Named after the Ancient Greek God of the Dead.

This bar has been precision engineered to an incredibly high standard to produce our best bar yet. Using military-grade technology we have applied a ceramic coating on the shaft to ensure maximum durability giving you a  bar that will never fade in colour. This is the exact same process used by the military to coat their weapons to prevent damage. 

This bar is built for elite athletes with 4 needle bearings in each sleeve to allow for a very smooth spin, machine rated to 1500lbs/680kg and drop tested over 10,000 times. This process leaves us with a bar that is built to be dropped. A perfect bar for Olympic lifting and CrossFit style training. 

The Hades bar is slightly longer than our Minotaur bar to allow for more loading and has a double knurl ring to meet powerlifting standards. The shaft has a raised diamond knurl to allow for a quality grip which won't cut into your hands like some other high end bars on the market. 

We recommend using this bar along with our Olympus Fitness Competition Bumper Plates. 


  • 7ft 20kg Olympic bar (slightly longer to add more load)
  • Military grade "Cerakote" shaft coating
  • 4 bearings in each sleeve to ensure an exceptional spin
  • Raised diamond knurling 
  • No centre knurl
  • Double knurl ring
  • Rated to 1500lbs