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Primal Strength Alpha Commercial Fitness Elite ISO Incline T Bar Back Row

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The Alpha Commercial Fitness Elite ISO Incline Row offers a chest-supported and very natural incline row motion. The ergonomic design allows users to achieve a full range of motion whilst isolating and developing the targeted back muscle groups more effectively than any machine on the market. One of the unique features of the Primal Strength Incline Row is that you can adjust the angle of the handle using the metal, quick-release pop pin. This allows users many different angles to row and removes any injury risk, which can often happen on inferior chest-supported rows by overreaching to un-rack the weight lever.

As the popularity of ISO Lever Machines grows, more and more elite athletes are employing these machines as the training machines of choice. Simply add the weights required, adjust the seat height and grip angle, and you can utilise the machine for a range of back exercises. The Primal Strength ISO Incline Row has been engineered with wide grip and has both horizontal and vertical handles, allowing users to adjust their grip, each grip targets the back muscles in a slightly different motion.

The Alpha Commercial Fitness Elite ISO Incline Row is extremely heavy duty and is backed by a lifetime frame warranty. The ISO Incline Row is one of 8 Core Primal Strength ISO Machines and the range is perfect for any sports facility or commercial gym. It comes in Matte Nero with premium rip-resistant pads. The diamond cut footplates allow users maximum safety whilst rowing using a heavy weight.

  • 9 Gauge/4mm Commercial Steel, ISO Lever, Plate-Loading Machine
  • Unique, Multi-Angle, Wide-Grip Handle Attachment
  • Extended, Olympic Weight-Pin Holders for Maximum Load
  • Ergonomically Designed to Move in The Body’s Natural Motion
  • Premium Rubber and Aluminium-Capped Handles
HEIGHT: 120cm
WIDTH: 104cm
LENGTH: 172cm
MAX USER WEIGHT: 300kg Plates/150kg User
WARRANTY: Lifetime Frame. Full Commercial- Two Years Parts