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Primal Strength Light Commercial Dual 45 Degree Leg Press and Hack Squat

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The Primal Strength Dual 45-Degree Leg Press and Hack Squat is an essential piece of equipment for any light-commercial gym, PT studio or home gym.  The compact design is perfect for smaller spaces whilst still being capable of comfortably taking 400kg loads.

The design offers both a back-supported, 45-degree hack squat which can quickly and easily be changed into a 45-degree leg press.  The machine benefits from premium shoulder pads for hack squats along with a full back/seat pads for comfort and support with leg presses. 

The dual machine’s design technology provides many benefits in terms of both ergonomics and durability, including:

• Allowing an ergonomically-designed full range of depth for both Hack Squats and Leg Press 

• Safety Spotters

• Allows you to target muscle groups from all angles

• 400kg load capacity

• Premium grade pads and shoulder supports

• Non-slip, diamond-cut foot plates to ensure user safety, even when pressing a heavy load.

The Dual Leg Press & Hack Squat comes with a 1-year light commercial warranty and 3-year home warranty for non-wearing parts.  It comes in Matte Nero Black with premium, rip-resistant pads.

WARRANTY: One to three Years- See Description