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Shoulder Press Pin Loaded

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A Full commercial Shoulder Press From Olympus Fitness Ltd.

Overall dimensions: 103x130x162 cm.
Weight plates: 90 kg.
Transmission: Steel cable of 6 mm thick in PVC covered with 900 kg of Looser resistance®.
Guides: Solid steel and dual chrome.
Setting: Steel tube of high strength (3 mm thick) laser cut for higher accuracy and welded by
robotic process.
Filling: High density faux leather, durable, antibacterial and anti-allergic with double
padded surfaces for models of intensive use
Painting process: 3 coating layers. The steel has been pickled and phosphated and evenly coated.
Design process: Ergonomic and biomechanical study under the supervision of our professional
partners, and tasted by our professional athletes. After a long design process
(drawing sketch, engineering research, prototypes) our merchandises are ready to be
sold in the market. 

Antioxidant primer to ensure life to painting. Two topcoats of epoxy polyester powder
paint pure, dried at 240ºC.
Covers: Resistant and trans lucid plastics of 3mm of thickness. Covered on the two sides as
specified by the UE normative, avoiding wears caused by the plates contact.
Handle:Non-allergenic and non-slip neoprene with aluminum finish. 

Supports:Ergonomic and high density foam (EVA) 65 mm thickness with manual lockmechanism.

Platform: Slip materials of 6M to ensure a safe contact

Stroke limiter: Different Positions with angle and indicator numeration.
Pulleys: Nylon with inner bearing.
Lever aid: Balanced, breaking free initial excess weight

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